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Phil Wayne Art guitars are primarily custom made to order. Other than those, only about 8 to 10 custom instruments are produced each year and each instrument has been handcrafted here in the USA, personally named and unique to itself. So when you own a Custom Phil Wayne Art guitar, you own a unique masterpiece. No one else has one like yours and no one ever will.

Each instrument on this site is either new, a like new demo that has been used exclusively in a studio/music video production, or a trade-in that is in superb condition and can be yours for a very affordable price. So, check em out and decide if you would rather be playing a Work of Art…let us know.

A bit about the finishes and circuitry...

The artwork & finishes on these guitars are extraordinary, each one completely handcrafted around a theme and color scheme. We can also give your guitar a custom makeover. Let us know what you're looking to have done and we'll let you know what we can do for you. You can have a custom designed personalized body, headstock, and/or even a pickguard designed and created for you that'll be sure to turn heads and dazzle any audience (see "Custom Finished Bodies" in the navigation panel). We can also transform your axe into a TONE MONSTER with custom designed circuitry (including internal active circuit boards) by Toto which offer active EQ, Expander, OD, & Boost circuits; split-parallel-series modes for the pickups, as well as reverse phasing and bright/dark tonal modes enabling you to achieve a myriad of different tonal variations.

You can pick up one of these finished works of art from here and be playing and showing it off on a matter of days or we can create a similar instrument along the same style and theme with features to your specifications. Check out the reviews at Harmony Central or do a Google search for Phil Wayne Custome guitar reviews to get an idea of what is being said by those who own them.

Here's a few other examples...

"Dragon Slayer"